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5 Reasons Why Augmented Reality Is the Future of Education Even During a Pandemic?

If 2020 has taught us one thing then that is we can take nothing for granted in this world as life can change in an instant. With the world recovering from a global shutdown, one sector that has seen a particular decline globally is the education sector. Due to the Covid pandemic, there are still schools, in many countries that are yet to re-open due to a justified fear amongst parents and governments. So how can schools overcome this hurdle and also circumvent such issues in the future, thus ensuring continuity in the students education. The answer is Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality has well and truly arrived and it is soon to be the future of education. The following are but a few ways to supplement education with AR.

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Virtual Presence

Now teachers can be present virtually in their student’s home and run through the course as if she was actually in class. This can be used at any stage regardless of whether schools are open or not.

Interactive Engagement

AR has shown to have high engagement levels in adults while shopping likewise the same can be said true for children studying. The reason being that children can now interact with their course material. A simple scan of a code in their books could give them a world of information as well as make it entertaining.

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Easy Visualization

Extensive research has shown a huge percentage of children are visual learners and Augmented Reality is going to epitomize visual learning in the future. Children will be able to see objects in 360 degree allowing them get a deeper understanding of the educational material. An example would be showing a detailed 3D brain model in class and allowing the children to individually see the brain from all angles.


With AR, students can create new designs and products as per their whims, leading to greater growth in their abilities. For example an engineering student could build a car prototype at a lower cost, which otherwise would not have been possible as it would be too expensive.

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Pokémon Go has taught us one thing and that is, if you make a great game, people will follow you. Although AR is still quite young it can be used to create games out of educational material so that students are eager to learn. By creating exciting, fun games teachers can actually teach a lot more.
This is but the tip of the iceberg there are a myriad of ways AR can be used in education and it is inherently the future of the education system. The most likely scenario being the usage of XR technology that seamlessly blends AR and VR technology together (For a comprehensive blog on the difference between AR and VR you can click HERE) Let us know in the comments below if you know of any other way Augmented Reality can be used in education.

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