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5 Ways Augmented Reality (AR) Can Improve Real Estate Sales in Australia.

Using an ipad to visualize real – estate projects
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Augmented reality is taking over the world and is looking towards changing the very essence of how we interact with technology. With both Apple and Samsung along with a number of major companies competing to create the best AR glasses a change is around the corner. Sales is changing drastically in various industries through the implementation of Augmented Reality in products like Augmented reality in real estate,Augmented reality in interior design, Augmented reality in ecommerce, Augmented reality in apps. Customers can now see the products and visualize them with a 360 degree view while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Speaking of homes, augmented reality can now be the sales tool of choice for real estate agencies in Australia. Here are 5 reasons why you should be implementing augmented reality in your sales process:

Using AR to check interior decoration products

More Eyeballs:

A simple rule for sales is the more people you get to see your product, the more prospects you may get. The same is true for real estate sales. With Augmented Reality you reach far more people as they can see the homes from the comfort of their house. Especially in a country like Australia where the distance may be too far to go hence prospective clients delay it or don’t do it altogether.

Global Sales:

Tying in with the previous point, Augmented Reality just opened up a global market with clients willing to invest in Australia while staying abroad. The simple reason being, they get to really see the construction properly and explore it, hence building trust. Real-estate companies in Australia are no longer confined to the country limits.

Lower Costs

Although this is not strictly a sales improvement, it does improve the overall profit of the company, hence why it’s on the list. With the ability to show more people homes from the confines of office, employees aren’t spending more on traveling or setting up expos etc.. Thus lower costs for the company leading to higher profits.

Get Real Prospects:

Having to spend time and energy showing the homes to people who are just coming for a look with minimal interest in buying is a very common occurrence in real estate sales. With Augmented Reality a lot of such customers are able to see the projects beforehand and only if they are strongly interested will they request a project visit. This leads to higher sales conversion rate.

Save time:

Tying into the last point, one key benefit of not having to frequently visit homes as well as getting great prospects is that the employee can save time. Time that can now be used to look for more prospects across the globe. This naturally leads to higher sales.We hope that you are able to look into creating AR models of your project and truly change the way you sell. If you are interested then a great place to start would be our latest offering found here.Let us know in the comments section if you are using Augmented Reality in your sale process.

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