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Grow your marketing
and Sales with Suprxr

The Suprxr platform allows you to add 3D models and instantly create 3D & AR experience to amaze clients.

Save money and speed up time to market by replacing physical samples with AR

Increase your conversion rates, revenue and decrease in product returns. Suprxr gives consumers better understanding of a product.

AR for Tiles

Our latest project "augmented reality flooring visualizer" is the definition of evolution. What started off as a simple tile mapping project for a marble manufacturer has become an ar flooring app that allows your customers to select their favourite floor manufacturer and try AR fitting the floors in their houses before purchasing them. If you want to sell tiles then our Supr app is the place to be.

Augmented reality flooring visualizer
Augmented reality floor plan Augmented reality flooring Augmented reality flooring visualizer


Supr augmented reality flooring is an example of what happens when a project becomes more than just a project but a creation with a life of its own. The Supr floor is an Augmented Reality flooring app for companies that sell any flooring, whether it is tiles, marbles, woods or even carpet. Our Supr floor app lets your customers easily download all your products and try them live at their homes on their floors with measurements displayed. Customers no longer have to imagine how your products look in their house, as they can see it live. They can then take snapshots of it and send it to whoever they want so that they can get opinions and make informed buying decisions. We have both a marketplace for vendors in this business as well as the ability to create a new exclusive ar flooring app for any client who wishes to create their own identity.


We all are friendly users of applications like Snapchat and Instagram which allows a person to position their face in front of the camera and see cool visual effects on their faces. These sorts of filters are designed with Augmented Reality. However, these days AR is not limited to Social media platforms only, this technology has room for other sectors like Flooring businesses and Interior designing businesses. Here a variety of floor designs can be combined with the actual space where a customer wants to install a new floor. You'll get the best tool to boost your flooring sales to the moon. Flooring sales online are growing more and more year by year.
This trending technology "flooring augmented reality" has brought a vast change in the way people interact and sell their products. For customers, it is the most convenient way to opt for the best.


Step 1

Simply start the Supr Floor App and select your floor style.

Step 2

Start scanning the room you want to test the flooring on.

Step 3

Watch the floor change in your phone in real time.


AR flooring app is an innovation that enables adjusting the floor designs and styles, adding different interior stuff (furniture, plumbing, and so forth) progressively having a cell phone only.
Considering your search for better approaches to carry on your flooring business during and post the pandemic, an augmented reality flooring visualizer is the smartest option for you. It's connected with, clear, available, and safe. Your clients can get all the expected data about your commodities without the need to get out from home.


AR Flooring is a white-label augmented reality flooring visualizer for cell phones that permits your purchasers to "take a stab at" new ground flooring without stepping out from their homes. No snaps, no extra strain are required, all decisions can be made in real-time. Your buyers can envision a lot of flooring and covering materials like ceramic tile and laminate, vinyl and linoleum, hardwood and bamboo, and many others.


For the vast majority, focusing on the new flooring is no joking matter. With the tremendous assortment of choices available merged with the heavy cost of installation, deciding the floor for the home can be a tough choice for shoppers to make. At Miraretech, our planners are enthusiastic that you feel certain about your flooring augmented reality experience, with the help of our digital flooring visualisation your customers get an opportunity to make their flooring decision quickly.
Our AR flooring app makes it easy for your customers to see how a new floor will look in their homes in seconds. Now your customers won't think much and take much time to make a decision and after selecting a flooring solution from our app their decision would be in your favour only. With the trying and all facilities of augmented reality flooring, customers feel more comfortable and confident while making a purchase.

What your Ar flooring app would consist of?

With the help of Supr Floor get your business a full-fledged Ar flooring app which would be consist of:

- your company logo and unique design;

- your product range and pricing (which can be updated as per your requirement);

- your contact info;

- your accounts on the App Store and Play Market.

Well, it is time to build for your business an exclusive identity. Our Supr AR flooring app is built as per your convenience and is made flexible for you so that you can put changes in it as and when required. You just need to highlight how you want your AR flooring app and we are here to render you the same.

How Do Businesses Benefit from AR flooring apps?

Let's assume there are 2-floor designing companies that have various tiles and marbles designs to sell. It's obvious that each company would have a different catalogue to showcase their products to customers. But if one company takes an initiative to bring its product to customers through a flooring augmented reality visualizer tool then there is no doubt that this company would gain more customers. A company using a flooring app would get benefits like improved customer engagement, more authentic leads in comparison to the competitors, increased lead generation, better customer satisfaction, positive customer reviews and credentials, quick and easy quotes.

There are some major advantages that a business can get by using augmented reality flooring visualizer:

No need to showcase products physically

When a business uses a flooring app the need to showcase products to customers physically can be totally eliminated. The physical space and product availability for showing samples to customers can be switched with an augmented reality flooring visualizer tool.

Customised touch

With the help of an augmented reality floor plan, your clients can change the actual characteristics of the example they are checking out at their homes. They can change the shade of the tiles, the size of the tiles, thickness, and nature of the tiles. A tweaked result will bring about better consumer satisfaction.

Augmented reality floor planning

With the integration of augmented reality into your floor business, you can enable your clients to check with tile and floor planners about an estimate of the size of tiles required and the amount of loss of tile. Supr floor application will provide the size of the tile according to the estimations of the floor.

Tile Calculator

With the help of flooring augmented reality businesses can deliver a unique experience for tiles purchasing. The AR flooring app allows customers to calculate the number of tiles required for the space and the total estimation of the rates.

On the spot solution

The augmented reality floor plan enables the users to check out several tiles designs in different angles and distances. A user gets an opportunity to see every little detail related to flooring without the need to click and upload a picture and also no additional high-quality cameras and printed markers are required.
Your customers can now check out your products only with a click on their smartphones. For augmented reality flooring visualizer, an AR Kit/AR Core-compatible smartphone or tablet is enough. Almost all iPhones and iPads for iOS and modern devices for Android can be used for this purpose.

An advanced and safe technology

The fact that many customers don't prefer going out to rush areas in order to shop, an augmented reality floor plan allows customers to explore products in a safe way. The try-on facility is available to your customers exclusively at their homes. AR flooring app allows customers to have a personalised experience. This app can be adjusted for another design, another approach giving unique and safe user experiences. Supr flooring app renders all your needs at your convenience.

All types of flooring

Augmented reality flooring app opens up all types of different flooring options such as ceramic tile, laminate, parquet, carpeting, decking, paving slabs, marble, natural stone, etc. A person gets a more personalised experience by checking out different designs of flooring in their space. The user gets a real and natural view of what the new flooring would look like when it is applied to their floor. Exploring products in this way would give customers another level of satisfaction.

Fast task send-off

Normally, 2.5 a month prior to launching on Appstore and PlayMarket the Ar flooring app can be created in emphasis - bit by bit which is extremely favourable. An item with the least things and fundamental elements rapidly forms the gathering of customers and their input.

Goes beyond AR flooring

The augmented reality flooring visualizer utilises the camera and figuring limit of a cell phone. It implies that it doesn't just provide elements of AR but also gives you more widgets. The ar flooring app can gauge a region of the covered floor, compute the expense, how many containers would be required, establish an augmented reality floor plan, and so forth.


Apart from being useful for a Tiles seller, this technology has proven to be useful for other sectors as well, such as Architectural firms and Real estate agencies.

Benefits to Architectural firms

One more sector of sellers managing flooring work are architects and interior designers. Normally, these experts put some extreme efforts measuring up to the desire of their clients in making the ideal floors. With the assistance of an ar flooring app and augmented reality floor plan, they can serve their clients better and get benefits like Faster turnaround, Easy customization to match the overall room layout, New and innovative designs, Precise floor plans for each room, Dictation tools for easy-to-add notes, Multiple projects and clients simultaneously

Benefits to Real-estate agencies

The sort of floors a property has can be a significant factor in the general floor plan an agency wishes to show their land purchasers. Having a technology that can quickly feature each room of a house adjusting various floor styles, the agency can substantially draw more customer engagement. As a realtor, you can make such catalogues with the assistance of an ar flooring app. By deploying an augmented reality flooring visualizer an agency gets benefits like:

- Marking a property as listed and creating a unique identity

- Offer customers more satisfactory decision

- The better click-through rate for listings

- Provide customers with precise ideas about their space utilisation.

With the help of flooring augmented reality real estate agencies can excel in their marketing campaigns. Promoting their sites and projects through an augmented reality floor plan is undoubtedly the most favourable way to grab the attention of the vast audience. An AR-based promotion offers your customers to bring their imagination to the screen along with lots of filter availability.


More value to your business

Supr Floor team has an endeavour to provide your business with more than flooring augmented reality. Our services can be extremely valuable for your business apart from just being AR/VR technology provider.

Dig deeper to understand better

We take pride in establishing an augmented reality floor plan that's dedicated to your business specifically. Your involvement is very important for us. We seek to acquire as much knowledge as possible about your business and what it aims for.

Establish long-term relationships

Once the project is over we successfully handover the augmented reality flooring visualizer tool to you but our relationship with your business doesn't end there. We are ready to provide you with additional help in future also.

Frequently asked questions

Flooring is an expensive process and time consuming but with Augmented Reality you can get a better idea about how the product will look before purchasing it. Hence allowing you to make an informed decision.
With Augmented Reality flooring you get the benefit of testing the product before using it thus saving costs associated with dissatisfaction.
Depending on the plan you choose we will provide varying degrees of after sales service and support.
Flooring Augmented reality maps artificial tiles on top of your actual tiles in real time as you scan the floor with your phone.