Augmented reality in real estate

AR in real estate, becoming the most buzzed topic among the top builders. This technology has allowed the real estate business to grow and spread uncomplicatedly. AR in the real estate world has completely changed customer experiences to view and perceive the reality of the property they are planning to buy. With the help of this state-of-art, it has become very convenient for the builders or realtors to demonstrate their planning and project in front of prospective buyers by enabling them to have a tour of the future house or space through smartphones or tablets, irrespective of where they are sitting in the world.

The verbal demonstration is becoming a really monotonous experience for both the builders and buyers, but now with augmented reality in interior design, every realtor's perception can be visualised. So this Augmented reality house design solution for home builders is making a buying process true happiness for everyone. Apart from the buyers' experience, it also remodels the agents' experience by transforming the selling and marketing efforts.



The change that AR technology has brought to the real estate sector is remarkable. Top builders are taking pride in showcasing their projects to prospective buyers through this fascinating and most reliable medium.

Augmented reality in real estate, building and construction sector has got great importance and is accepted by every individual.

Augmented Reality in real estate provides unlimited business possibilities for Real Estate agencies. With its ability to turn blueprints into 3D renderings, it enables your customers to get precise measurements and views of a room or property. AR is an incredibly helpful tool to both real estate agents and home seekers alike.


The prospective purchasers can have an augmented reality home walkthrough experience and can have a virtual 3D walk in each row house and flat, get to view each room and interior. Thus it helps customers in having a better investment judgement. Augmented reality in interior design can be valuable as this allows their clients to mark the exact spot of the residential space when they are near a certain neighbourhood. Additionally, AR can help customers explore parks, markets, and other areas near the house where a resident can usually hang around in the future.

In the forthcoming years, individuals would be able to walk around the city and see various properties with just a tap from their mobile phones.

Having said that, at Supr XR the Augmented reality in interior design that we are offering has been proven astonishing for their real estate business. Therefore, if you are willing to take your business to the next level of this extended reality, get in touch with us and fetch the abundance of this service.

Everything that AR features through the Real Estate app

1. Floor plans, images, location, etc.

2. 3D floor plans with Augmented technology

3. 3D views of row houses, buildings, and amenities with AR with real-time 3D rendering, adding all the landscaping, animation, color textures.

4. Showing property location on a map

Augmented Reality Site Plans

AR in real estate offers scaled-down projects or planning that customers can see with their smartphone as points can even show you a compass surrounding the property so that they can comprehend the physical position of the buildings or houses.

Augmented reality with drones

The AR for big projects can be experienced in an enhanced way with the help of drones. All segments of huge projects are sometimes difficult to put into a single part. With Augmented reality house design, this task doesn´t take up much duration or funding because, over the HD footage, the augmented reality can occupy blank spaces with in-built models of the project which provides the finished picture of the project.

Our Clients

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augmented reality in real estate ar in real estate
augmented reality in real estate augmented reality in interior design
augmented reality in real estate augmented reality in interior design
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More engaging than traditional method


Customers agree AR is more memorable


People show an increase in attention

Benefits of AR in Real Estate?

Augmented Reality benefits businesses with unique opportunities available to grab the attention of the audience. AR livens any type of property whether it's row houses, building commercial spaces, etc. Thus AR technology offers heaps of benefits for real estate which are as follows:

A convenient option for buyer and seller

It is an arduous task for both builders and clients to visit each site one by one involving so many expenses for one visit. It is because of the deployment of AR in real estate, the illustration and explanation process to clients has become easy for the builders. Also, clients can make the right choice as they have the opportunity to explore each site meticulously.

Uncomplicated Luxury Sales

To sell luxury property is not something that can be done easily as the no. of potential buyers are very low. Most of these buyers are international residents or they don't live in the same city. This challenging deal can be accomplished with the help of an augmented reality home walkthrough tool.

Customized Plot Tour with AR Cloud

With the help of the AR real estate cloud app customers can understand better what their future house is going to be like, this builds confidence and excitement among customers which ultimately advances the builders to close the deal in their favor.

Aids International Investment

The AR unlocks the solution for real estate to close deals internationally. Any type of property can be purchased by an individual residing in another country on the basis of visuals of AR. Businesses can reach buyers on a global basis and thus Augmented Reality in Real Estate can enhance foreign investment.

Augmented reality in real estate

Core services

Augmented Reality

Seamlessly blend digital reality with actual reality to create the perfect showcase of your project.

Mixed Reality

If you want to go a step further then we can create a completely immersive experience for your clients by combining AR in real estate with VR.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence system helps guide customers to make informed purchase decisions. Resulting in higher sales

Machine Learning

As the customers use more of your product our system learns from their behaviour and selection to provide intuitive suggestions.

AR Campaigns

+10 million
Web Impressions

World offices


Welcome to the world of TIA! Tia is an AI for AR in real estate that can help individuals throughout the journey of purchasing. They act as a companion with potential buyers as they peruse through real estate projects. TIA has the ability to grasp the information given by customers and present them with the best options with her machine learning capabilities. This enables her to evolve and predict better options for the user.

Sales growth


Customer engagement

ar in real estate ar in real estate ar in real estate


Imagine putting on your glasses and magically a door appears that takes you to another location in a flash. Like walking through a portal. Now stop imagining because all of that is now a reality with our SUPR portal. Whether you want to bring in an individual for home viewing or sell a large scale project to your customer database. Portal can take you anywhere you want so you can sell from the comfort of your office with the help of an augmented reality home walkthrough. Customers can now walk in and see the complete layout with MR technology. Allowing you to easily close more deals.

Why choose us ?

Industry experience
With a myriad of clients in construction, we are well versed with the process as well as problems faced in the industry. Making us the best people to solve it with our AR real estate solution.

augmented reality in real estate

10+ Years experience
With more than a decade in the AR/3D/Gaming industry. Our team brings in a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is quite hard to find.

augmented reality in real estate

Future safe
We have always focused on being on the precipice of cutting edge technology so as to ensure that we deliver the best products out there. Hence why we associate ourselves with partners such as JIO, Magic Leap, Apple etc. Also it allows us to ensure compatibility with the latest tech.

What Marketing Solutions Augmented Reality Offer for Real Estate?

Renting is more convenient

With the augmented reality house design Supr app it is a lot easier for an agent to lease a house or apartment. A tenant gets an opportunity to explore the inside and outside space of a house in the most convenient manner without the need to visit the area and house. The true-life experience increases the chances of closing the deal.

Customised user experience

After deploying Augmented reality in your real estate business the whole process of your customer's decision making to buy your house becomes unimaginably convenient and alluring. A home seeker can explore your property in a more personalised manner and with a unique experience. Even your customer has an opportunity to check their furniture and other home appliances how they would fit in the particular house or apartment. Thus, augmented reality home walkthrough offers more informed buying decisions to your customers.

Promotion options via location-based AR

AR permits realtors to promote properties on the online map around specific areas in a new and progressive manner. Consequently, it leaves an impact on your client's mind about your property. Clients, while searching for accessible properties through their cell phones and preferred area, will actually rethink your property, therefore in this way, AR in real estate sets out a gigantic promoting privilege for you.

Customer confident to buy a property

At the very first interaction when a realtor has nothing to show to a client but only land to show then Augmented reality comes to the rescue. Only a real estate agent knows the pain of demonstrating to a client about a house that doesn't exist because the construction work starts after the collection of an adequate amount. After doing an Augmented reality home walkthrough tour, buyers can be easily convinced to buy a property as seeing visuals of the final house fill them with confidence and trust.

Win buyers globally

By deploying augmented reality in Real Estate it is possible for you to reach an audience on a global level. With augmented reality home walkthrough, users can view the properties virtually from any corner of the world. This enables a user to view any property without actually being there in real-time, and at the same time, allows the real estate experts to reach a wider audience worldwide. This way demographic limitations would no longer hinder your real estate business.

Enhanced print branding with AR

The most unique and surprising feature that Augmented reality brings to the Real estate is the ability to take printed models and catalogues into bright three-dimensional life. The marketing strategies of real estate in printed collateral would take the advertising of your real estate projects to another level. Your clients can view the augmented reality home walkthrough at the comfort of their home giving you an opportunity to become different from others.

No need to build sample property

With Augmented reality in real estate realtors can save their time and money to build a sample property to allow clients to see. Because with augmented reality your clients can check the property just by sitting at their home. The traditional marketing techniques were costly and time-consuming as it needed to approach buyers and take them to visit the property at your own cost. With AR deployed marketing strategies unnecessary costs can be saved.

Frequently asked questions

VR has already been implemented into commercial real-estate to an extent but it is limiting its application unless you have a VR headset. With AR the manner in which real estate marketing is conducted will change massively. Customers can view it through a headset as well as on their phones and get an in depth perspective of all the features on offer With augmented reality in real estate.
Augmented reality in interior design can help interior designers create fascinating designs and show it to their clients before executing expensive and time consuming work. When working on massive projects this can have a huge effect on costs as well as help in getting approvals.
Yes, AR and VR is helping interior designers circumnavigate some of the previous bottlenecks faced by them when using traditional 3D walkthroughs.
Augmented Reality House design has many features that can be implemented to help interior designing such as real time viewing, 360 degree views, interactivity, measurements and many more.
As with any projects the costs are depended on a multitude of factors like, scale of project, timelines, quality etc...