4 Areas in your business that can implement Augmented reality.

From the onset AR has seemed like the supreme holy grail of technology that will change how sales and marketing is done. Yet that is only a part of the puzzle, with AR you can improve functionality throughout the business in various areas.

Augmented Reality 12 March, 2021 by Aditya

5 Ways Augmented Reality (AR) Can Improve Real Estate Sales in Australia.

Augmented reality is taking over the world and is looking towards changing the very essence of how we interact with technology. With both Apple and Samsung along with a number of major companies competing to create the best AR glasses a change is around the corner.

Augmented Reality 22 January, 2021 by Aditya

5 Reasons Why Augmented Reality Is the Future of Education Even During a Pandemic?

If 2020 has taught us one thing then that is we can take nothing for granted in this world as life can change in an instant. With the world recovering from a global shutdown, one sector that has seen a particular decline globally is the education sector.

Augmented Reality 21 January, 2021 by Aditya

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