4 Areas in your business that can implement Augmented reality.

Employees performing data analysis using technology

From the onset AR has seemed like the supreme holy grail of technology that will change how sales and marketing is done. Yet that is only a part of the puzzle, with AR you can improve functionality throughout the business in various areas. The following are some of the core areas that AR can create immediate impact.

Sales and Marketing

Customer using phone to pay

As a Top Augmented reality companies in india we have an in depth articles on the way the sales and marketing teams from various industries can benefit from AR and VR, HERE. The crux of the matter though is that AR provides an immersive environment to study the products and puts the choice firmly in the customer’s hand. The AR program can provide a plethora of information pertaining to the product, thus allowing customers to make informed purchase decisions.

After Sales Support

Call center employee helping customer on call

As the world shrinks in size, companies are now able to sell in the far reaches of the globe. As great as that sounds, it comes with the caveat of providing support to these customers no matter where they are. Physically having highly skilled technicians across the globe is not feasible for everyone. Here AR technology comes in and allows you to place your most skilled workers wherever they are needed, without even leaving their desks. Through wearable Augmented Reality headsets, any field member can be connected in real-time with your technician in office and receive first hand instructions on fixing the issue. 

Workplace Training

Employee training other employees

We have spoken at length about how AR can be used in education HERE. Likewise the same techniques can be implemented in workplaces where employees need to be trained on certain skill sets. AR enables companies not only to speed up the training processes but actually making them more effective for both employees and managers. With AR technology you will capture an individual’s complete attention through training settings that replicate the real-world situations or products, delivering multi-sensory experiences resulting in greater depth of training and speed to proficiency.

Product Development

New product being developed

The fundamentals are the same as when a customer tries out many products in AR within their homes. In this scenario it is the product developer or the engineer who is utilizing AR technology. With Augmented Reality engineers can test out certain components before building them which can be a significant cost saving exercise. Likewise prototypes can be built and tested multiple times before building the actual product, thus alleviating costs incurred from mistakes made.
These are but a few of the ways companies can utilize AR technology. Let us know below if you have any ideas on where AR can be used.

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