Our Virtual and Augmented reality service providers have been planning, developing and maintaining individual solutions for innovative Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 degrees content for a wide range of purposes. Our Augmented reality companies in india can help you with Metaverse in Virtual reality/ Augmented reality services in any department from recruitment and training to marketing and sales. Furthermore, our augmented reality agency is able to cater to a myriad of sectors such as automobile, ar in real estate, hospitality, education, ar shopping, government and many more. With 10 years+ experience as the Best Augmented reality companies in India we also offer content creation (e.g. 3D models and animations in case you are unable to provide the requisite 3d models for creating the Augmented reality in-app..

With our expertise also lying in gaming we can provide creative solutions as well as some of the highest quality AR products that run seamlessly due to their small size. Over the last 10 years, we have managed to work on a large number of projects in India as well as globally. Miraretech an Augmented reality service provider has worked with multinationals, local companies and start-ups to provide them with the best augmented reality in apps solutions.

Our Amazing Clients

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More engaging than traditional method


Customers agree AR is more memorable


People show an increase in attention

Supr experience at your fingertips


Cross Platform Support

Augmented reality services support multiple platforms so as to reach any audience, anywhere.

Sells faster

Fast to Market

With Augmented reality in apps no need to wait ages to get your products online. Our streamlined platform allows us to deliver super fast.

Take control

Fully customizable

How you choose to present your product through Virtual reality/ Augmented reality services is completely up to you as we provide industry specific customization capability.

No boundaries

Global reach

Stop limiting your sales to the confines of your country. Our technology gives you the opportunity to reach a global audience

Benefits for you by our Augmented reality agency

Boost sales upto 39%

Increase customer engagement with products by allowing them to immerse into an environment that gives 360 degree views.

Reduce marketing costs

By giving your customers a virtual tour in their homes you alleviate the need to use a sales team for a basic job, so that they are free to spend more time closing deals.

Reduce returns upto 29%

When the customer has an opportunity to try the products in their homes before even buying it then naturally the number of returns drastically drops.

Why Miraretech ?

Augmented Reality in-app experience can be blended with any business that has a product to sell. Customers today are expecting a heightened visual experience that is both immersive and informative. Miraretech an Augmented reality company in India exclusively brings a balance of both elements to your fingertips in a broad spectrum of industries.

Real estate - Augmented AI Tours

Let your customers explore their new home's ideas from the comfort of their chairs. We give your customers a chance to create a home they desire. With the combination of our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems, we can help the customers make informed purchase decisions. As the best Augmented reality companies in India with lower costs and a wide array of customization, SuprRealty is the perfect product for you.

E-commerce - 3D Product Representations

Take product selection to the next level for your customers by letting them try the products in their homes with a snap of a finger. Customers will get to experience the full length and breadth of your product portfolio with options regarding size, design, and colours within their homes. Purchases will increase up to 3x due to the elimination of doubt and returns can go down up to 29% as products are tested beforehand. So benefit your business with our Augmented reality services and become a part of our AR revolution today.

Wellness - Virtual AI Trainer

What if you could get your physiotherapist, fitness gurus, doctors etc.. to sit face to face with the client and explain exercises as well as show them how to do it. Our augmented reality in-app allows you to demonstrate exercises and fitness steps to your customers through the SuprFit app. We can bring for you the next level of physical training and therapy app. Our AI/ML also allows the software to evolve to support the client's needs.

How Augmented Reality Benefits a Business ?

Brings imagination to a life

Augmented reality service providers give your business an opportunity to be more creative and alluring with your marketing campaigns. The old-school marketing strategies such as screen ads and two-dimensional advertisements have been eliminated and a new era of virtual reality advertising can be used by businesses. Through augmented reality in-apps exploring your products can be a more true-to-life experience for your target audience. For instance, a home interior design company can showcase its product through a home design app. This app would allow a user to see how a particular piece of furniture would fit their space.
Also, real estate businesses can use realty apps to allow clients to see statistics on a local neighborhood as they're touring a house.

Live shopping experience to the customer

With the staunch services of Augmented reality agency Miraretech, now you can provide your customers with a live shopping experience by sitting at home just with the tap of a finger. The augmented reality in-app facility has been launched with a perspective to make the world more digitally accessible and has been proven helpful for customers who prefer not traveling a great distance just to buy a piece of product.
For example, a renowned furniture brand IKEA has its house on the outskirts of a city and going to buy a piece of furniture can be very hectic and inconvenient. With the help of augmented reality in-app the customers of this furniture house can check how a piece of furniture fits their homes just by aiming their smartphone to the space where it needs to be fit and make sure if the piece of furniture is worth buying for or not.
Also, there are several online fashion stores that are taking services from augmented reality service providers and allowing customers to upload their full picture on the eCommerce website and see if a particular dress suits them or not.

Eliminates Language Barriers

One advantage of advertising through Augmented reality is its capacity to decipher the text on the fly. Augmented reality services are beneficial for the instances when a visitor doesn't communicate in the area's or city's local language, an AR program can give either caption or show words of a respective language on top of the previous text.
This sort of advancement can be best for various media outlets, such as sporting events, standup shows etc. so visitors don't need to stress over mistranslations.

For instance, a furniture retailer can present showpieces from a display area across the world to a client communicating in another dialect, all without the need for a translator and meeting in person. With the help of augmented reality companies in India now one can benefit their audience with an accurate translation along with providing the store to their homes.

Generate Analytics

Carrying out a market survey is a fundamental element for developing your promotion strategies and growing your business further. Because augmented reality services utilize the software and hardware of the operation, this allows you to accumulate investigation information from there.
All the more explicitly, it incorporates the analytics functions which were previously existing on the internet and digital entertainment.
Facebook has almost 1.5 billion clients alone. A joint effort between Facebook and your organization utilizing AR innovation would be substantially more fruitful than an older style advertisement crusade.

An augmented reality in-app that lets buyers "take a stab at" dressing at home can enlighten you about your business regarding what kinds of fashion people prefer among various body types. Moving forward you can use new ideas that fulfill buyer desires.
On the off chance that you have previous augmented reality in-apps incorporated into augmented reality features, you can make the most of observing what individuals are explicitly checking out or involved in.

Build a unique identity

Augmented reality service providers make sure that your brand stands out from your competitors. If augmented reality programs are deployed in your marketing campaigns you are promoting your brand along with generating sales, unlike the traditional marketing campaigns that run around through emails and social media ads.
Prior to giving it a shot, you ought to acknowledge the objectives of your AR advertising methodology. Dig into what your present crowd answers, and distinguish your source of inspiration. In order to gain the optimum benefits of Augmented reality, you must put resources to maintain it and put effort into analysing data, making enhancements, and staying aware of advancements in the field. AR companies in India offer you an opportunity to surprise your buyers with an immersive experience by letting them share it with others and bringing more than a tap and views to your social media campaigns.

Move ahead towards the advancement of your business with augmented reality India by educating customers, saving their time and money and also making shopping an intriguing experience.

Developing Industry

The branding of a sound advertising effort depends on the number of different ventures that utilise a similar methodology. Laymen consider a Superbowl business takes a joke excessively far until everybody is discussing it and imparting it to their companions. In this manner, specialists foresee immense development in both virtual reality experiences and augmented reality services advancements. During and post-pandemic significant numbers of businesses have been investing in augmented reality in India and moving ahead, all of this has become possible due to the capacity of Augmented reality in-apps to allow customers to shop actually from home.

Become Trendy

We all are aware that a marketing campaign that's trending among different marketing platforms means that it has proved favourable for your business. Going viral on the internet and social media clearly depicts that the particular campaign is alluring to the audience and people are sharing it unstoppable.
There are instances where the audience compliments a business model or their activity and your published memes about a topic or brand may be getting viral. All of this can be enhanced with the help of augmented reality service providers by making it a unique and intriguing experience that will not only drive new buyers for your business but also buyers who would be willing to share it with others.

Understanding Metaverse Augmented Reality ?

Metaverse can be defined as a one-stop solution for multiple virtual networks. This is a network of 3D virtual solutions for metaverse companies in India designed for enhanced social connection and works as a simulated digital environment that uses Augmented reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR), and Blockchain. In recent years Metaverse has become very popular and approachable among top IT companies.

The applications of a Metaverse development company are rising & tech giants including Google and Microsoft are investing heavily in this. This type of virtual world can't be specifically accessed via virtual reality and augmented reality gears, but you can access it through your computer, laptop, or even smartphone. Just put your headset on and feel connected to the virtual reality interface.
All the crazy technologies launched in recent years in India have earned its best place to develop and enhance. People are showing a lot of interest in exploring all types of virtual events launched in India including Metaverse. India has the highest developing economy where companies from startups to big organizations are taking initiative to enhance user experiences.

Many platforms in India can deploy metaverse augmented reality and make use of it to the optimum. On the other hand, the fact that some technology comes like a wave and fades away once the trend is over, so there is no certainty about the sustainability of Metaverse in India but the application of Metaverse is rising in India with every next day.
Metaverse augmented reality might be just new technology launched and managed by the metaverse companies in India.

Brands like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and several others are all set to deep dive into the metaverse and there is no reason why marketers and businesses should stay away. Metaverse augmented reality has been expected to evolve as a very strong tool for marketeers and businessmen to level up in the field of Trade and Web ar eCommerce.
At Miraretech we offer you the best Metaverse augmented reality services.

Frequently asked questions

Augmented reality is much more cost effective then before due to the improvements in technology. Depending on the scale of the products our augmented reality service providers can provide a customized package.
No. All you need to do is give us the details of your product, where and how it will be used and we will provide all the files you need to integrate on your website.
The main difference between AR and VR in simple terms is that Augmented reality allows you to interact with the environment around using the 3D visualization whereas in VR you are taken into a 3D environment that is not real. For a more detailed answer check our blog on the difference between AR and VR by clicking HERE
Supr XR is a AR exclusive division under Mirare Tech which has been in operation for over 10 years. With a plethora of experience in the 3D design space as well as in the gaming industry. These two experience allow us to create most optimized augmented reality experiences for you.
Depending on the business and industry and use case scenario, augmented reality can be utilized using either any mobile device with AR features or an augmented reality headset such as those provided by or
Yes. We can implement any ideas they present to us and if you have 3D models already created then we can utilize them.
Yes. Depending on the requirement our Augmented reality agency can create customized packages that provide the relevant dat pertinent to AR usage.
Augmented reality is the future of technology and AR glasses will replace smartphones in the not to distant future. Augmented reality will change how the digital world interacts with the real world and how we take in information.
The best part of Augmented Reality is that it has applications in every industry. Be it E-commerce, Real Estate, Automobile, Health, Education etc.. They can all use it both internally (R&D/Training) or externally (Sales/Marketing). Augmented reality gives people an added dimension when interacting with products leading to higher engagement, education and sales.